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      Seed to Supper™ is proud to present

"Bobbi Jo's Southern Sunday Supper Cookbook"
from her live stage show
"Cookin' With A Right Smart Of Love"
by Bobbi Jo Lathan


          Whether Bobbi Jo was appearing as the Madam in the Broadway musical, "The Best Little Whorehouse In Texas" or making a guest appearance on televisions' "Seinfeld", she never strayed too far from her Southern roots and her country kitchen. Finally deciding it was time to integrate her acting with her cooking, she sat down and wrote a Southern kitchen musical show, "Cookin' With A Right Smart Of Love." In her show, she has great fun with her audiences as they come with her into her kitchen and actually help bake a blueberry cobbler, cream some corn and even learn how to "call" a turkey for supper! As it turned out, there was such a demand for her recipes that she finally wrote, "Bobbi Jo's Southern Sunday Supper Cookbook". Now, everyone can go back home and share a "RIGHT SMART" of love !

Rave Reviews For
"Bobbi Jo's Southern Sunday Supper Cookbook"

"What fun!"
Nathalie Dupree -- "Nathalie Dupree's Comfortable Entertaining" -- PBS

"Bobbi Jo's Southern Sunday Supper is full of those great homestyle dishes, and creates the feeling of wanting to spend time at the dinner table where families share life's most precious moments. A family cookbook that sounds, smells and tastes magnificent."
Johnny Ciao -- "The Culinary Rocker"

"I believe that food is fun, food is entertainment, and food is theatre. So does Bobbi Jo, and her new book proves it. It's recipes may be mostly home-style Southern, but each one is right in line with the Chinese concept of 'sik, heung, mei': appearance, aroma, taste. Bobbi Jo has written her Southern Sunday Supper cookbook with a passion for food and family that's entertaining and irresistible."
Keep wokking,
Chef Martin Yan -- "Yan Can Cook Show" -- PBS

"With my own flair for 'over the top', I can tell you that Bobbi Jo is a hoot! Can folklore, humor and cooking live in the same pot? Bobbi Jo succeeds in making lip-smacking humor at the expense of a drumstick.!"
Christopher Lowell -- "The Chistopher Lowell Show"

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Bobbi Jo's Southern Sunday Supper Cookbook
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Bobbi Jo's Southern Sunday Supper Cookbook
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Bobbi Jo's Southern Sunday Supper Cookbook
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Bobbi Jo's Southern Sunday Supper Cookbook
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